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Meghan Lucey, TCRG (certified Irish dance teacher) and the inventor of Turn Out Socks!, is the co-owner of The Brennan-Lucey Irish Dance Academy in CT. She has performed globally with Riverdance for 9 years, danced the lead role in Celtic Fyre at Busch Gardens, was Dance Captain in Ireland the Show, toured with The Women of Ireland, Michael Londra's Celtic Firethe Emmy award winning Cherish the Ladies, and appeared on America's Got Talent with Hammerstep. Competitively Meghan is a North American National Champion, All Scotland Champion, NAFC Senior Belt Winner, 6x New England Regional Champion, and placed in the top 5 in every major CLRG Championship including an incredible second place in the World Championships.


Throughout her dancing career Meghan found that one of the biggest issues Irish dancers face is turn out. As a teacher she tried stickers on the heel of the shoe but they were costly, fell of constantly, and if they didn't fall off dancers would forget to take them off for a feis or performance!


Meghan came up with the idea of Turn Out Socks! at class one day when helping dancers look in the mirror to work on turn out. The stickers were too small to see far away and the littlest dancers kept turning their toes the opposite way! Having a big design on the inside of the sock is an easy, fun way to work on turn out!


Meghan Lucey saw a gap in the market for unique gifts for Irish dancers that would make practicing more fun. Everyone can work more on turn out, even TCRG's, which is why Meghan enjoys wearing the socks to class too!


Turn Out Socks! will enhance any practice session, whether it be at class or at home. The designs are easy to spot in a mirror: if you cannot see the design then you aren't turning out!

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