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  • What are the socks made of?
    The socks are a mix of cotton/polyester and have athletic arch support with a black toe/heel box. The design is sublimated into the fabric itself. Simply throw it into the laundry as you would any pair of socks!
  • Can I get my own design/logo?
    Yes! Simply get permission from your TCRG/studio owner to use the design and send your inquiry to us in the Contact Page. You will need to get your logo/design in a PNG file. Orders must come in 36+ to use this feature. Prices may vary depending on the total number of socks ordered, design intricacy, and colors. We also offer promotional/bulk prices to help fundraise. Contact us for more details!
  • Are the sizes true to size?
    Please refer to the sizing chart for accurate sizing information: For a sizing conversion chart from USA sizes to European sizes please refer to the pictures below, google, or look on the inside tongue of a pair of your current street shoes. Men Women Kids
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! Please fill out all required information during the check out process. We are a Connecticut USA based company and will ship to Irish dancers anywhere in the world. Unfortunately shipping prices are high for overseas packages (averaging $14 a package) so we suggest you go in on an order with a firend or two and split shipping costs. We can fit up to 4 pairs of socks per package.
  • How do I use the socks?
    Put the socks on with the design on the inside of your legs then turn your legs out so you can see the design while you practice! Please ask your teacher for proper turn out technique and how to make sure you are practicing to your full potential. These socks are intended as a fun, creative way to help dancers remember to turn out while they dance. Disclaimer: These socks are not scientifically proven, nor doctor endorsed, to improve turn out. These are intended purely for a creative, fun way to enhance practicing and to help work on turn out skills. We take no responsibility for use of the sock to the extreme and are in no way responsible for any injuries using these socks may incur. If you experience any pain please stop and make sure you are practicing properly; always listen to your teacher and ask them for help and advice. Make sure the design isn't too far back on the leg, twist the sock more towards the front to avoid excessive turn out!
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